Use and maintenance

The Same knives from Knivsmed Strømeng are available in a range of sizes. For the Same people the knife is a universal tool. Your knife will become a faithful companion on camping trips for many, many years. Here are some useful tips on how to get the most from your Same knife:

  • The blade closest to the handle should be used mainly for heavy-duty work
  • The middle section of the blade is for precision cutting of wood and bone or other tasks that require force and precision.
  • For chopping, place one or two fingers behind the brass fitting to achieve the optimal effect. Only use your wrist for chopping, not the entire arm - this gives you better control.
  • If you require more force to chop firewood or branches, or to cleave bones, use the front section of the blade.
  • Exploit the knife's weight and momentum to make short chopping movements.
  • The front section of the blade should be used for delicate tasks, such as butchering, carving, gutting and filleting.

Maintenance of your Same knife

The Same knife from Knivsmed Strømeng will last for generations. To enjoy your knife for many years, follow these simple steps:

  • When pulling the knife out of the sheath, squeeze the flat side of sheath at the top to prevent cuts.
  • The Same knife is made from carbon steel. Never wash it in a dishwasher.
  • If the knife becomes wet during use, wipe the blade thoroughly before sheathing the knife in order to prevent rusting. Oil the blade before long-term storage.

Our trademark is a reindeer head - a guarantee of quality. The sheath has brass clips with "flags". Watch out for imitations.