Shoes and boots

Knivsmed Strømeng is concentrating its operations on knife production, but through cooperation with other producers it is able to offer the Norwegian market a range of useful Same products. One of our cooperation partners is the Swedish company Kero, whose Same shoes and boots are included in our range of leather products.

Kero AB was founded in 1929 and is based in Pajala in northern Sweden. All products are made from the renowned Kero leather with its unique characteristics.

This year we offer the following models:
Art. 121, 123, 128, 172, 173, 175 and 197.
- Please note that the leather's color is brown and antikbrown.

Information about leather and footwear sense:

Leather and footwear
What makes Kero leather superior? It breathes, absorbs moisture and is naturally tanned. This explains why shoes made from Kero leather are so comfortable. Chrome allergy sufferers will benefit from wearing naturally tanned leather, as most other leather products contain chrome.

A living material

Naturally tanned leather is a living material. The leather moulds itself to the foot and the shoes feel comfortable straight away. Your feet never feel clammy, not even after a long day indoors or in a warm climate.

Climate control

The shoes are lined with naturally tanned leather. This gives them the dual effect of keeping out the cold while walking outside, and allowing your feet to breathe and preventing clamminess when inside.

Naturally tanned leather

How is naturally tanned leather made? During the production process we add tanning agents extracted from the bark of the mimosa tree and the trunk of the quebracho tree. These trees are able to absorb high levels of moisture, and the extracts make the leather highly absorbent. The molecules of these extracts are larger than in other tanning agents, making it easier for air to pass through the leather. Kero has used this method for decades.