Knife models

The knife that never lets you down

A genuine Same knife should be a life-long companion. As suitable for hunting and fishing as it is for setting up camp in forests or mountains. A useful tool both at home and outdoors.
A knife for everyone.

Lagre universal knife with blade length 23 cm

KS9 - Strømeng Same knife 9"

Large, universal knife, can be used as an alternative to an axe or saw. The knife can be used as a can opener. Carbon steel blade.
Blade length 23 cm, total length 35 cm.

Same knife with blade length 21 cm

KS8 - Strømeng Same knife 8"

The most popular Same knife. A universal tool suitable for camping, chopping firewood, butchering, gutting, cutting and carving food etc. Big enough for heavy-duty jobs and small enough for more delicate tasks. Small and light enough to hang from the belt. Carbon steel blade.
Blade length 21 cm, total length 33 cm.

Same knife with blade length 18 cm

KS7 - Strømeng Same knife 7"

Similar to the 8" model but mostly used by youth and reindeerhurdlers as the knife is slightly smaller/lighter. Popular confirmation gift for both boys and girls. Carbon steel blade. Blade length 18 cm, total length 30 cm.

Same knife with blade length 13 cm

KS5 - Strømeng Same knife 5"

This model is often given to Same children around the ages of 7 and 8. It has a thin but solid blade. Handy knife for ladies or youngsters, suitable for butchering, gutting and scraping. Carbon steel blade. Blade length 13 cm, total length 24 cm.

KS8F - Strømeng Same knife 8" with finger protection

Specially developed as a universal tool to meet the needs of the Armed Forces' elite troops. Knife-maker Strømeng won the tender for this contract in competition with many of Europe's large knife-makers. Need we say more?
Blade length 21 cm. Total length 33 cm.

Same knife with finger protection

Old Fashion

The production of Same knives is based on an ancient cultural tradition, which we are trying to preserve. We use the same type of steel - carbon steel - in the blade, slow-growing birch for the handle and brass decorations as we did 100 years ago.

The handles used to be treated with tar oil, which we now use for our "Old Fashion" model, hence the name. For our other knife handles, we use a special preparation made from linseed oil. To give the "Old Fashion" model an authentic look, the patina on the blade is chemically blackened. This has the added advantage of preventing rust. Many users claim these knives are sharper than those with shiny steel blades. The "Old Fashion" model looks dated although it is brand new.
One universal and one smaller same knife

Double knife 8" + 3,5"

Many reindeer herders want a knife for ownership marking and skinning in addition to the large universal knife. Both knife blades made of carbon steel.

Person using same knife to open cans

The Same knives that are 7" or longer can be used to open cans without ruining the edge.