A quality product from Finnmark

The Same knife has deep roots in Same customs and history. Times change but the Same knife retains its firm position as a universal tool. Knivsmed Strømeng from Karasjok has been making same knives for generations.

Today's members of the Strømeng family are the 6th generation of Same knife-makers, whose task it is to carry on their proud heritage. The new and modern building outside Karasjok comprises a workshop, sales outlet and exhibition. Here, the knife is the focal point and the plant has become a popular sightseeing destination.

10 000 knives

The workshop and production premises were built in 1960,Image and have been modernised several times since. The sales and exhibition section, shaped as a large Same tent (lavvo), was completed a few years ago.

The company has a staff of 5 and an annual output of around 10,000 Same knives. It also makes 1,000 coffee pouches from reindeer leather in a traditional Same design. Knife-maker Strømeng has retailers all over Norway and "the Strømeng knife" has become a well-known concept and an indispensable tool on camping and skiing trips.

Same knives on a table

New and old

Our knife-makers are experienced at their craft. Modern technology means the knife blades don't have to be forged as they used to and ensures all knives are hardened to the exact same degree and to same high quality. The knives' special features have been retained: the carbon steel blade, handle made from slow-growing birch and brass fittings on the sheaths. The Same knife is the same as it has been for hundreds of years, and the workshop's modern production methods guarantee a successful result - every time.
This is why the Norwegian Armed Forces' elite troops carry Same knives with finger protection.