Camping utilities

Coffee pouch made of reindeer skin

Coffee pouch

Our coffee pouches are made from naturally tanned reindeer skin. This is the ancient Same method for preserving the
aroma and flavour of coffee for weeks in the mountains (the coffee pouch releases moisture but retains the aroma). We
have several models, some with an extra pocket for sugar
cubes or a matchbox.

Wooden coffee mug made of birch

Wooden mug

Made from real Lappland birch, specially treated and with a comfortable handle. This model was developed in Karasjok over 130 years ago. It has a specially rounded base that prevents it from falling over.

Two persons sitting by a camp fire

Do you have bad memories of your last hunting or fishing trip, when you sat down for a well-deserved cup of coffee and found that the coffee had been spilt all over your rucksack and your cup tasted of plastic? Did you promise yourself to get some decent camping equipment? Let knife-maker Strømeng help you...

A successful trip depends on many things, good weather and a successful outcome, be it a large trout or a brace of grouse. You remember the times when everything was perfect, the time you caught the biggest fish or the moose wandered straight into your line of fire. But think back… Isn't it the times with your mates around the campfire, enjoying a steaming cup of coffee and discussing the day's events that bring back the best memories? The comfort of opening your rucksack and unpacking the utensils that have accompanied you on so many trips. Fill the pot with coffee from a pouch made of naturally tanned reindeer skin, which preserves the coffee's wonderful aroma for weeks. Fill your wooden mug, notice the comfortable grip of the handle and sip your coffee from a mug that holds the flavour of hundreds of fishing and hunting trips.

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