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The genuine same knife...

The Strømeng family's ancestors brought the art of knife making to Karasjok in the 18th century. Since then, this craft has carried on from generation to generation within the family. Today, knife-maker Strømeng is one of just a few craftsmen who still produce knives for the Sami people.

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Niibi Sierrálagan Vuoibmi (The magical powers of the knife)

The same knife is propably one of the most practical outdoor equipment ever made. But the same knife also has its own "magical power". From the old days and in sami folkmedicin, the knife has a magical healing power which was used to stop blood, take away pain etc.

The visitor centre in Karasjok

Visitor centre

The new knife workshop with its visitor centre, museum and sales outlet has become a popular tourist destination in Karasjok. Coach parties and individual visitors get to see how the famous Strømeng knives are made. Come and visit us!